Vision wielen

Vision wielen

Wij hebben altijd een een ruim aanbod Vision wielen op voorraad!
Zoals steeds kunnen we producten bij bestellen naar eigen wens.

Alle Vision onderdelen kan je opdelen in 4 grote groepen:


Metron is the fasted and most aerodynamic model line, for the competitor and professional who ride without compromise and demand every advantage to be the fastest bike possible.


The Trimax Carbon series of components offer the best combination of lightweight, aerodynamics and comfort. The components are designed to adjust to all rider types suiting pro’s and age-groupers alike.


The Trimax series represents the very best alloy components available for the race against the clock. With outstanding aerodynamic technology and great fitment options, each part represents a smart selection.


Redefining value and performance, the Vison Team series can be found on bikes of all levels from first time competitors to the Olympics.


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